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2.46.070. Privacy

            (1)        Once an ethics complaint has been filed with the City Recorder, neither the City Recorder, the Commission, nor any City employee may disclose the existence of the complaint, any response to the complaint, or any information concerning the alleged ethics violation that is the subject of the complaint, unless otherwise provided in this Chapter.

            (2)        Nothing in the restrictions above may be construed to hinder or prevent a person or the City Attorney of Layton from disclosing the facts or allegations about potential criminal violations to a law enforcement authority.

            (3)        Nothing in this Section may be construed to hinder or prevent the named elected or appointed official from preparing a defense to a complaint, including contacting witnesses or taking other actions in preparation for review by the Commission.

            (4)        Nothing in this Section may be construed to hinder or prevent any person from disclosing public records.

            (5)        If any employee or official of the City publicly discloses any private information, appropriate disciplinary action may be taken against such individual.

            (6)        If a complainant publicly discloses any private records or information obtained from private records, the Commission may summarily dismiss the complaint without prejudice.

            (7)        All records, that are not public records, received by or generated by or for the Commission are private and not subject to disclosure or release, except for the Commission's summary findings and recommendation for the City Council or any document that is classified as public in accordance with Title 11, Chapter 49 of the Utah Code (Utah Code § 63G-1-302).

Ord. No. 13-04, Enacted, 1/17/2013

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