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20.02.050. Prohibited signs

            Except as otherwise provided in Section 20.03.010, the following signs are prohibited:

            (1)        Miscellaneous signs and posters:

                        (a)        Signs which are located on the roof of a building or structure, except as permitted in Section 20.04.130(3);

                        (b)        Canvas signs and banners except as noted in Chapter 20.05;

                        (c)        "A" frame and portable signs of any nature;

                        (d)        Wind or forced air signs except as noted in Chapter 20.05;

                        (e)        Portable signs;

                        (f)        Temporary signs except as provided in Chapters 20.02 and 20.05;

                        (g)        Tethered or fixed balloons except as noted in Chapter 20.05; and

                        (h)        Signs or posters of a miscellaneous character, visible from a public way, located on buildings, barns, sheds, trees, poles, posts, fences, or other structures.

            (2)        Traffic hazards.  No sign shall be permitted at the intersection of any street in such a manner as to obstruct free and clear vision of motor vehicle operators or at any location where by reason of its position, shape, or color it may interfere with or be confused with any authorized traffic sign, signal, or device or which makes use of a work, symbol, phrase, shape, or color in such a manner as to interfere with, mislead, or confuse traffic.  No sign shall be placed in violation of a clear view area as described in Section 20.01.020 under "Clear view area."

            (3)        Parking of advertising vehicles prohibited.  No person shall park any vehicle or trailer on a public right-of-way or public property or on private property so as to be visible from a public right-of-way which has attached thereto or located thereon any sign or advertising device for the basic purpose of providing advertisement of products or directing people to a business or activity located on the same or nearby property.  This Section is not intended to apply to standard advertising or identification practices where such signs or advertising devices are painted on or permanently attached to a business or commercial vehicle which is operable, properly licensed and legitimately utilized in said operation or businesses that are considered to have "permanent outdoor retail space."

            (4)        Public areas.  No sign, handbill or poster, advertisement, or notice of any kind or sort, whether political or otherwise, shall be fastened, placed, posted, painted, or attached in any way in or upon any curbstone, lamp post, telephone pole, telegraph pole, electric light or power pole, hydrant, bridge, tree, rock, sidewalk, or street, except when the sign is owned and erected by a public agency or erected by permission of an authorized public agency or required by law.

            (5)        Flood zone.  No sign shall be permitted within any designated one hundred (100) year flood area.

            (6)        Intensely lighted signs.  No sign shall be permitted which because of its intensity of light constitutes a nuisance or hazard to vehicular traffic, pedestrians, or adjacent properties.

            (7)        Sound, odor, or tangible matter.  No advertising sign or device shall be permitted which emits audible sound, odor, or tangible matter.

            (8)        Abandoned signs as specified in this Title.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 05-46, Amended, 11/3/2005

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