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20.04.120. Detached signs; Area and location; Commercial and industrial zones

            Within the B-RP, CP-1, CP-2, CP-3, and CH commercial zones, and M-1 and M-2, industrial zones, signs are permitted as follows:

            (1)        Detached signs; Area requirements.

                        (a)        One (1) detached on-site sign for each developed parcel not exceeding one (1) square foot of sign area for each lineal foot of street frontage within the first ten feet (10') of setback not to exceed two hundred (200) square feet of total sign area; or

                        (b)        One (1) detached on-site sign containing 1.5 square feet of sign area for each lineal foot of street frontage behind the first ten feet (10') of setback not to exceed three hundred (300) square feet of total sign area.

                        (c)        Where a developed parcel has an excess of three hundred (300) lineal feet of street frontage on an arterial street and contains at least five (5) acres, one (1) additional free standing sign may be allowed as a conditional use.

                        (d)        Maximum detached sign area.  There shall not be more than three hundred (300) square feet of detached sign area per parcel.

                        (e)        Where a developed parcel is permitted to have more than one (1) detached on-site sign under these regulations, the distance between said detached signs on the parcel shall be not less than two hundred (200) lineal feet.

                        (f)        Where a parcel does not have frontage on a public street one (1) detached sign may be allowed on-site as approved by the Planning Commission.  Or one (1) detached sign may be located on an adjacent parcel with frontage on a street, upon approval by the Board of Adjustment after receiving proof of acceptability by the adjacent parcel owner.  The allowable square footage of the sign shall be determined by the width of the parcel at the front setback line of the building applying for the sign.  One (1) square foot of sign area is allowed for each lineal foot of parcel width up to a maximum of two hundred (200) square feet for a single business and up to four hundred (400) square feet in aggregate for more than one (1) business.

            (2)        Detached signs; Height limits.  The maximum height limit for detached signs shall be as follows:

            In the B-RP, CP-1, and CP-2 zones: twenty feet (20') above average grade of the front property line except at locations designated in the "freeway sign corridor" area.  Signs in these locations may be a maximum of forty-five feet (45') in height.

            In the CP-3, CH, M-1, and M-2 zones: thirty five feet (35') above average grade of front property line except for areas determined to be in the "freeway sign corridor."  Within the "freeway sign corridor" area signs may be a maximum of forty-five feet (45') above average grade of front property line (see map appendix A).

            (3)        Detached signs; Number of panels.  A detached sign may consist of more than one (1) sign panel provided all such sign panels are attached to one (1) common integrated sign structure and any additional panels must meet minimum clearance as designated in Subsection (6).  The total area of all such panels shall not exceed the maximum allowable sign area specified for a detached sign on said parcel.  Where a sign message consists of separated or individual letters, modules, or symbols, each portion of said sign message shall not be considered as a one (1) sign panel.  In such cases, a single continuous perimeter completely surrounding the sign message shall be utilized to determine its sign area.

            (4)        Detached signs; Corner lots.  On corner lots a single sign is permitted and a second sign may be permitted with conditional use approval.  The total area for all detached signs shall not exceed three hundred (300) square feet.  Said maximum allowances, however, are not transferable either in whole or in part from one street frontage to another.

            When a sign is erected at the street intersection corner of the parcel, or at the intersection of a building front, and is situated at an angle so as to be visible from both streets or both frontages, said sign shall not exceed the maximum area allowed for the longest front footage of building occupancy or street frontage.  The area of such sign shall be deducted from the total area and number of signs permissible on said property.

            (5)        Detached signs; Required setbacks.  No detached sign shall project over a public right-of-way.  Detached signs shall have a two foot (2') setback from all property lines.  The two foot (2') setback is determined from the leading edge of the detached sign.  Where a detached sign has a two foot (2') or more base width from ground level to a height of ten feet (10'), the base of said sign shall be located a minimum of ten feet (10') from any front property line and shall not be located in any clear view area.

            (6)        Detached signs; Minimum clearance.  A detached sign shall have a minimum clearance of ten feet (10') between the ground surface and the bottom of the sign, provided that the Community and Economic Development Director may reduce this clearance if the sign is not illuminated with exposed neon tubing and is located in an area not accessible to pedestrian or vehicular traffic or if an acceptable site feature is constructed to protect said pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  The minimum clearance shall not be reduced where a traffic hazard may be created.  In no case shall this clearance be reduced to less than six feet (6').

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 05-46, Amended, 11/3/2005
Ord. No. 15-12, Amended, 3/19/2015

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