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20.04.150. Electronic message signs

            (1)        Electronic message signs shall be allowed in CP-1, CP-2, CP-3, CH, B-RP, PB, M-1, and M-2 zones as permitted signs.  Said signs may be attached, detached, or low profile signs.  The square footage of these signs shall be counted into the maximum sign area and maximum height described in Sections 20.04.120 and 20.04.130.

            (2)        Electronic message signs may also be allowed as permitted signs for all "Community Uses" in any zone, provided the sign shall not be located within two hundred feet (200') of any current or future residential use as designated in the City's General Plan, as measured from the base of the sign to the nearest point of the residential property.

            (3)        The following regulations shall apply to any electronic message signs:

                        (a)        The electronic message center sign area shall not exceed seventy-five percent (75%) of the total sign area.

                        (b)        Any detached electronic message sign must have a masonry material base that is architecturally integrated with the primary structure on site.

                        (c)        In the CP-1 zone the electronic message sign may be a detached sign not to exceed twenty feet (20') in height, an attached sign, or a low profile sign.

                        (d)        Any electronic message sign located within a PB zone must be a detached, low profile sign.

                        (e)        Community Uses in any residential zone may have a detached sign not to exceed twenty feet (20') in height, or a low profile sign located per Section 20.04.100 of this Title, or an attached sign.

                        (f)        Said signs shall only operate from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

                        (g)        Said signs shall not cause glare or rapid blinking, nor be intensely lighted that may create a nuisance or hazard to vehicular traffic, pedestrians, or adjacent properties.  These signs shall have a minimum of three (3) second intervals between screen changes.  Any time an electronic message sign is operating between sunset and sunrise, said signs shall be set at not more than forty percent (40%) of the maximum capable light output.

                        (h)        Five percent (5%) of daily sign usage shall be dedicated to community services.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 05-46, Amended, 11/3/2005
Ord. No. 06-09, Amended, 3/16/2006
Ord. No. 10-19, Amended, 9/2/2010
Ord. No. 98-21, Amended, 5/7/1998

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