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20.04.160. Sign clearance and illumination

            The following regulations shall apply to sign clearance and sign illumination:

            (1)        Unless otherwise restricted, all illuminated signs in the "A" (agricultural) and "R" (residential) zones shall be indirectly illuminated, unless direct lighting has been granted as a conditional use by the Planning Commission.

            (2)        In all other zones illuminated signs may be of direct or indirect illumination subject to the provisions of Subsection (3) of this Section.

            (3)        Outlining of a building by means of exposed neon tubing, exposed incandescent lighting, or other artificial lighting, or an equivalent effect may be allowed subject to conditional use review and approval by the Planning Commission.  All applicants wishing to use exposed outline lighting must provide elevations showing the extent of the outline lighting.

            (4)        No permit for any sign shall be issued and no sign shall be constructed or maintained which has less horizontal or vertical clearance from communications lines and energized electrical power lines than that prescribed by the laws of the State of Utah or rules and regulations duly promulgated by agencies thereof.

            (5)        All provisions of the Electrical Code as adopted by Layton City shall be complied with.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 05-46, Amended, 11/3/2005

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