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20.05.030. Square footage and location allowed

            Temporary signs, except balloons, shall not exceed one (1) square foot of sign area for every lineal foot of occupied frontage at the main entrance.  In no case may any business have more than sixty (60) square feet of banner.  Banners, valances, and pennants are only allowed to be located on the building to which they apply or attached to a permanent sign, so long as the requirements of 20.04.120 are still met.

            All square footage used for temporary signs, other than balloons, will be counted against the square footage allowed for balloons.  The allowable square footage of balloons shall be one (1) square foot of balloon area for every lineal foot of occupied frontage at the main entrance.  Businesses with less than fifty (50) lineal feet of occupied frontage may be allowed fifty (50) square feet of balloon.  There shall be a maximum square footage of two hundred fifty (250) square feet of balloon for any property.  Balloons shall be set back one foot (1') for every one foot (1') in height from any property line.  Balloons shall comply with the maximum height allowed as per Section 20.04.120.  Except at locations in the freeway sign corridor area, balloons may be a maximum of one hundred feet (100') in height.

            Temporary signs shall not be in any landscaping, affixed to any utility pole, boundary fence, or object within a public right-of-way except as allowed in this Title for public service signs.  Signs determined to be a hazard by the City shall be removed immediately by the property owner upon notice.

            Businesses in commercial zoning districts may have temporary outdoor displays of their product at any time as long as the following requirements are met:

            (1)        All displays are out of all landscaped areas.

            (2)        All displays must be secured.

            (3)        All displays must be setback from the front property line one foot (1') for every one foot (1') in height.

            (4)        All displays must comply with clear view requirements.

            (5)        No displays can encroach into required parking.

            (6)        No other temporary sign is attached thereto.

            (7)        No displays can exceed one hundred fifty (150) square feet of area.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 99-08, Amended, 1/21/1999
Ord. No. 02-17, Amended, 3/21/2002
Ord. No. 15-12, Amended, 3/19/2015

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