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20.05.040. Flags/banners requiring approval

            In addition to the above mentioned requirements, businesses that are considered to have permanent outdoor retail space may, with a special one time permit issued by the Planning Commission, use flags or banners on any number of parking area light poles or on a single pole in conjunction with governmental flags.  The Planning Commission or staff shall use the following criteria for approval/revocation of additional flags and/or banners:

            (1)        The applicant shall present to the Planning Commission drawings, representations, or other types of visual aides to ensure that what is approved will accomplish the intent of the Planning Commission.

            (2)        The applicant shall provide sizes and numbers of all flags or banners.

            (3)        The proposal must be in harmony with neighboring development in terms of size, color, and volume.

            (4)        The Planning staff has the right to revoke this permit if the applicant has misrepresented any aspect of the proposal or the flags/banners become tattered, discolored, or the applicant has violated any provisions of this Code.  Appeals of a determination shall be heard by the Planning Commission.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997

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