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20.05.070. Bus bench signs

            Bench signs, as defined in Section 20.01.020, shall be allowed in conformity to the following regulations:

            (1)        Bus bench signs may be located in any commercial or manufacturing zoning district and shall be considered on-premise detached signs provided that these signs:

                        (a)        Are located only at public transportation stops as designated by the City.

                        (b)        No more than one (1) bench may be located at designated public transportation stops.

                        (c)        The square footage of the advertising on any bench sign shall be counted as part of the on-premise detached limitations.

                        (d)        Each bench sign shall have a minimum setback of two feet (2') behind the public sidewalk and shall be located entirely on private property.

                        (e)        The sign company shall maintain a current business license.  Each year upon renewal of the license a complete list of bench and sign locations within the City shall be provided.

                        (f)        The City reserves the right to have any bench sign found to be in disrepair removed within three (3) days after the owner receives notice.

                        (g)        Evidence of written permission from the property owner allowing any bench sign to be placed must be presented to the City.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997

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