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3.14.010. Definitions

            The following words and phrases, when used in this Chapter, for the purpose of this Chapter, shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them:

            (1)        "Gross revenue" shall mean basic local exchange service revenue.

            (2)        "Basic local exchange service revenue" shall mean revenues received from the furnishing of telecommunications within the City of Layton and access to the telecommunications network to either business, residential, or other customers, whether on a flat rate or measured basis, by means of an access line.  "Basic local exchange service revenue" shall not include revenues obtained by the telephone public utility company from the provision of terminal telephone equipment services (such as basic telephone sets, private branch exchanges, and key telephone system) or from other telephone equipment, which is obtainable from both the telephone company and other suppliers.

            (3)        "Telephone service" shall mean basic local exchange telephone service.

            (4)        "Person" shall mean or include a natural person, firm, partnership, association, or corporation.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 97-34, Amended, 6/19/1997

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