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4.01.102. Legislative intent

            (1)        In enacting this Title, the Council recognizes two constitutional rights:

                        (a)        the public's right of access to information concerning the conduct of the public's business; and

                        (b)        the right of privacy in relation to personal data gathered by governmental entities.

            (2)        The Council also recognizes a public policy interest in allowing a government to restrict access to certain records, as specified in this Chapter, for the public good.

            (3)        It is the intent of the Council to:

                        (a)        promote the public's right of easy and reasonable access to unrestricted public records;

                        (b)        specify those conditions under which the public interest in allowing restrictions on access to records may outweigh the public's interest in access;

                        (c)        permit confidential treatment of records as provided in this Chapter;

                        (d)        provide guidelines for both disclosure and restrictions on access to government records, which is based on the equitable weighing of the pertinent interests and which are consistent with general standards of information practices;

                        (e)        favor public access when, in the application of this Title, countervailing interests are of equal weight; and

                        (f)        establish fair and reasonable records management practices.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 00-24, Amended, 6/1/2000
Ord. No. 954, Enacted, 6/18/1992
Ord. No. 16-23, Amended, 5/19/2016

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