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4.01.603. Requests to amend a record; Appeals

            (1)        (a)        Subject to Subsection (7), an individual may contest the accuracy or completeness of any public, private, or protected record concerning him by requesting the City to amend the record.  However, this Section does not affect the right of access to private or protected records.

                        (b)        The request shall contain the following information:

                                    (i)         the requester's name, mailing address, and daytime telephone number; and

                                    (ii)        a brief statement explaining why the City should amend the record.

            (2)        The City shall issue an order either approving or denying the request to amend no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the request.

            (3)        If the City approves the request, it shall correct all of its records that contain the same incorrect information as soon as practical.  The City will not disclose the record until it has amended it.

            (4)        If the City denies the request, it shall:

                        (a)        inform the requester in writing; and

                        (b)        provide a brief statement giving its reasons for denying the request.

            (5)        (a)        If the City denies a request to amend a record, the requester may submit a written statement contesting the information in the record.

                        (b)        The City shall:

                                    (i)         file the requester's statement with the disputed record if the record is in a form such that the statement can accompany the record or make the statement accessible if the record is not in a form such that the statement can accompany the record; and

                                    (ii)        disclose the requester's statement along with the information in the record whenever the City discloses the disputed information.

            (6)        The requester may appeal the denial of the request to amend a record as set forth in Section 4.01.402, et seq., of this Chapter.

            (7)        This Section does not apply to records relating to title to real or personal property, medical records, judicial case files, police reports, or any other records that the City determines must be maintained in their original form to protect the public interest and to preserve the integrity of the record system.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 00-24, Amended, 6/1/2004
Ord. No. 954, Enacted, 6/18/1992
Ord. No. 13-11, Amended, 7/18/2013

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