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4.01.705. Management of records

            Each Department Director, in conjunction with the records officer, will:

            (1)        Establish and maintain an active, continuing program for the economical and efficient management of the department's records as provided by this Chapter;

            (2)        Appoint one or more records officers who will be trained to work with the City's records officer in the care, maintenance, scheduling, disposal, classification, designation, access, and preservation of records;

            (3)        Make and maintain adequate and proper documentation of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions of the department;

            (4)        Submit to the records officer proposed schedules of records;

            (5)        Report to the records officer the proposed designation of record series that it maintains; and

            (6)        Report to the records officer the proposed classification of each record series that is to be classified.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 00-24, Amended, 6/1/2000
Ord. No. 954, Enacted, 6/18/1992

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