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5.12.040. Exemptions from Chapter

            The following are exempt from registration under this Chapter:

            (1)        Persons specifically invited to a residence by a competent individual prior to the time of the person's arrival at the residence;

            (2)        Persons whose license, permit, certificate, or registration with the state of Utah permits them to engage in door-to-door solicitation to offer goods or services to an occupant of the residence;

            (3)        Persons delivering goods to a residence pursuant to a previously made order, or persons providing services at a residence pursuant to a previously made request by a competent individual;

            (4)        Persons advocating or disseminating information for, against, or in conjunction with, any religious belief, or political position;

            (5)        Persons representing a charitable organization.  The charitable exemption shall apply to students soliciting contributions to finance extracurricular social, athletic, artistic, scientific or cultural programs, provided that the solicitation has been approved in writing by the school administration, and that such student solicitors carry current picture student identification from the educational institution for which they are soliciting; and

            (6)        Persons involved in de minimus solicitation, involving the sale, exchange, or contribution of money, services, goods, or other consideration valued at less than Twenty Dollars ($20.00).

            Those Persons exempt from registration are not exempt from the duties and prohibitions outlined in Sections 5.12.170, 5.12.180, and 5.12.190 while advocating or soliciting.

Ord. No. 07-34, Enacted, 10/4/2007

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