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5.12.100. Issuance of certificates

            The licensing officer shall review the completed application submitted by the applicant and issue a certificate in accordance with the following:

            (1)        Certificate.

                        (a)        A certificate shall be issued or denied within three (3) business days of submittal of a completed application.  Said certificate allows the applicant to begin door-to-door solicitation upon the following conditions:

                                     (i)         Applicant's submission of a completed application;

                                    (ii)        Applicant's submission of the required fee; and

                                    (iii)       Applicant establishes proof of identity;

                        (b)        The issuance or denial will be based on a review of whether:

                                    (i)         The application shows a disqualifying status;

                                    (ii)        The background check shows a disqualifying status; and

                                    (iii)       The applicant has not previously been denied a certificate by the City, or had a certificate revoked for grounds that still constitute a disqualifying status under this Chapter.

            (2)        Renewal certificate.  A certificate shall be valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance and shall expire at midnight on the anniversary date of issuance.  Any annual certificate that is not suspended, revoked, or expired may be renewed upon the request of the registered solicitor and the submission of a new completed application and payment of the fee, unless any of the conditions for the denial, suspension, or revocation of a certificate are present as set forth in Section 5.12.140, or a disqualifying status is present.  Said renewal application shall be submitted between thirty (30) and fifteen (15) days prior to the expiration of the current certificate.

Ord. No. 07-34, Enacted, 10/04/2007

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