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5.16. Liquor Laws

5.16.010. Definitions
5.16.015. Commercial superblock designation
5.16.020. Restaurant liquor licenses
5.16.030. Application and renewal requirements
5.16.040. Same; Qualifications
5.16.050. Private clubs
5.16.051. Same; Qualifications
5.16.060. Same; Application and renewal requirements
5.16.070. Single event permits
5.16.080. Same; Qualifications
5.16.090. License requirements
5.16.100. Beer retailer license
5.16.110. Qualifications
5.16.120. Same; Application and renewal requirements
5.16.130. Package stores
5.16.140. Qualification of employees
5.16.150. Duty to report change of ownership
5.16.155. Cessation of business
5.16.160. Investigation by Chief of Police
5.16.170. Investigation by Health Department
5.16.180. Investigation by Fire Chief
5.16.190. Issuance of licenses; Renewal
5.16.200. Display of license
5.16.210. Transfer of license
5.16.220. Discretion of Council; Licenses revocable
5.16.230. Prohibited to intoxicated person
5.16.240. Selling to minors
5.16.250. Licensee permitting minor on premises
5.16.260. Minor serving alcohol
5.16.270. Parent or guardian permitting minor on premises
5.16.280. Minor on premises
5.16.281. Minor in possession
5.16.290. Entering premises violating state and City laws
5.16.300. Days of sale; Closure
5.16.310. Advertising requirements
5.16.320. Consumption on off-premises license
5.16.330. Illumination of premises
5.16.340. Screening of private clubs and on-premises license
5.16.350. Nuisances on licensed premises
5.16.360. Beer acquired from brewer or wholesaler
5.16.370. On-premises employee
5.16.380. Gambling devices in licensed premises
5.16.390. Restrictions on brewer, jobber, and wholesaler
5.16.400. Premises accessibility to police officer
5.16.410. Warning of approach of police
5.16.420. Disorderly conduct on-premises
5.16.430. Lewd conduct on-premises
5.16.440. Solicitation for immoral purposes on-premises
5.16.450. Begging drinks on-premises
5.16.460. Sale during license revocation or suspension
5.16.470. Licensee responsibility
5.16.480. Search of licensed premises
5.16.490. Penalty for violation

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