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5.28. Alarm Systems

5.28.010. Definition
5.28.020. Alarm business, License required
5.28.030. Premise alarm permit required
5.28.035. Repealed
5.28.040. Application for a permit
5.28.041. Notification by permit number; Response
5.28.045. Repealed
5.28.050. Administration regulations
5.28.060. Audible alarms
5.28.070. Autodialers forbidden
5.28.080. Instruction as to the operation of systems
5.28.090. Notification information
5.28.100. Responsibility of alarm monitoring companies
5.28.101. Notice of disruption in service
5.28.110. Responsibility for alarm service
5.28.120. Additional requirements for burglar/intrusion alarms
5.28.130. Operational defects to be remedied
5.28.131. Notification of tests
5.28.140. Civil penalty for false alarms
5.28.150. Right to appeal
5.28.160. Reinstatement of alarms
5.28.170. Liability of City limited
5.28.180. Authority to inspect installations
5.28.190. Penalty for violation

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