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5.29. Junk Dealers, Secondhand Dealers, and Pawnbrokers

5.29.010. Definitions
5.29.020. License required; Fee
5.29.030. Records to be kept by secondhand dealer
5.29.040. Records to be kept by junk dealers
5.29.050. Reports by secondhand dealer
5.29.060. Time limit for sale of secondhand goods
5.29.070. Dealing with minors prohibited
5.29.080. Place of business to be closed during certain hours
5.29.090. Fence required around open storage
5.29.100. License; Required fee
5.29.110. License; Bond required
5.29.120. License; Application, approval
5.29.130. License; Revocation
5.29.140. Licensee liable for employee acts
5.29.150. Ordinances to be posted
5.29.160. Hours of business
5.29.170. Record keeping duty; Police officer right of inspection
5.29.180. Receipt required, contents; Police officer right of inspection
5.29.190. Pledged articles; Redemption
5.29.200. Forfeited articles; Redemption, time limit
5.29.210. Receiving goods from designated persons prohibited
5.29.220. Employment of persons under sixteen (16) prohibited
5.29.230. Receiving goods from minors prohibited; Exception
5.29.240. Charges and rates
5.29.250. Legibility of records; Inspection of records and premises
5.29.260. Copies to Police Department; Authority to order hold
5.29.270. Receipt of stolen goods
5.29.280. Property received at location other than the licensed premises
5.29.281. Receiving property on public property prohibited
5.29.290. Violation; Penalty

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