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5.29.010. Definitions

            (1)        "Junk Dealer"  Any person engaged in acquiring, buying old metals, glass, rags, paper or other junk for the purpose of trading or reselling in substantially the same form is declared to be a "Junk Dealer."

            (2)        "Secondhand dealer" Any person who keeps a store, office, or place of business for the purchase or sale of secondhand clothing or garments of any kind, or secondhand goods, wares, musical instruments, curiosities, or other merchandise, except books, stamps, and coins, or who engages in the business of dealing in secondhand goods, is declared to be a "secondhand dealer." Persons whose principal business is the sale of new musical instruments, new appliances, or new furniture and who acquire such secondhand items only as trade-ins incidental to their principal business are not secondhand dealers; the term "secondhand dealer" shall not be meant to include any person who deals in the purchase, barter, exchange, or sale of used motor vehicles and trailers and holds all appropriate state licenses, related thereto, except in the instance of an occasional sale/purchase of three (3) or less motor vehicles or trailers per calendar year, the same shall not be considered a secondhand dealer; nor shall the term "secondhand dealer" be meant to include any person dealing in new or used fire arms and holding all appropriate federal firearms licenses.

            (3)        "Pawnbroker"  Any person or persons who lend money on deposit or pledge of personal property or deal in the purchase or possession of personal property on condition of selling the same back again to the vendor or pledgor at a stipulated price; or who purchase or take any personal property, with an agreement or understanding to resell at any time for a stipulated price or any price to the vendor; or who take such personal property on condition that it may be redeemed; or who lend or advance money on personal property, and take or receive such personal property in their possession, are hereby declared to be "pawnbrokers."

            (4)        "Secondhand dealer; "receipt" items."  The following specific items handled by secondhand dealers are hereby designated as "receipt" items which are specifically governed by the provisions of Sections 5.29.060, 5.29.180, and 5.29.270(3), and each and every secondhand dealer must comply with said Sections in addition to any other requirements as set forth by this Chapter, to wit: televisions, stereos, radios, video recorders/players, motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts and equipment, firearms, jewelry, bicycles, fishing equipment, boats and boating equipment, trailers, musical instruments, and other related equipment and/or merchandise which is of a like nature.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 97-18, Amended, 4/17/1997
Ord. No. 14-26, Amended, 12/18/2014

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