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5.29.180. Receipt required, contents; Police officer right of inspection

            It is unlawful for any pawnbroker to receive or accept any article of personal property as a pawn or pledge, or upon which money is lent or advanced, and it is unlawful for any secondhand dealer to receive or purchase any items or merchandise as set forth in Section 5.29.010(4), without issuing and delivering to the person or persons delivering such article a receipt for the same, which shall bear the date, both day and hour, when such goods are received, and a description of the article so sold, pawned, or deposited with the pawnbroker or secondhand dealer, as set out in Section 5.29.170, and the pawnbroker shall keep on file in his office a duplicate of said receipt, which shall be open to the inspection of any policeman or police officer at any time.  Said receipts shall be numbered and a record kept thereof; and every pawnbroker, secondhand dealer, or person who has or operates a business dealing in or collecting used or secondhand merchandise or personal property, and every agent, employee, or representative of the pawnbroker, secondhand dealer, or person who buys, receives, or obtains property shall require the seller or person delivering the property to certify, in writing, that he has the legal rights to sell or pawn the property.  Every pawnbroker, where the value given for the property exceeds Twenty Dollars ($20.00), and every secondhand dealer receiving or purchasing any of the items or merchandise as set forth in Section 5.29.010(4), not otherwise exempted, shall also require of the seller or person delivering the property to give a legible print, preferably the right thumb, at the bottom of the certificate next to his signature and at least one other positive form of identification.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 97-18, Amended, 4/17/1997

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