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5.32.055. Registration required for licensed employee

            (1)        Any person issued a sexually oriented business employee license by another city or county in this state may be relieved of the licensing requirement of Section 5.32.040 under the following circumstances:

                        (a)        The city or county issuing said license has licensing requirements substantially similar to those contained in this Chapter; and

                        (b)        The licensee has had no convictions since the issuance of said license that would disqualify the licensee from obtaining or renewing said license.

            (2)        A person meeting the requirements of Subsection (1) who conducts any sexually oriented business activity within Layton City shall register with the City prior to engaging in any such activity.  To register with the City the person shall submit the following:

                        (a)        A photo copy of the license issued by the other city or county;

                        (b)        Registrant's name and any other names (including "stage" names) or aliases used by the registrant;

                        (c)        Age, date, and place of birth;

                        (d)        Height, weight, hair and eye color;

                        (e)        Present residence address and telephone number;

                        (f)        Present business address and telephone number;

                        (g)        Date, issuing state and number of driver's permit, or other identification card information;

                        (h)        Social security number; and

                        (i)         Proof that the registrant is at least eighteen (18) years of age.

            (3)        Upon submitting the registration application and verification of the validity of the license from the other city or county, the registrant will receive a registration card that must be in the registrant's possession at all times while involved in business activities within the City.

            (4)        There is no fee for the registration process.

            (5)        This registration may be revoked upon the registrant's involvement in any activity that would disqualify an individual from obtaining or renewing a license under this Chapter.

Ord. No. 08-43, Enacted, 8/21/2008

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