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5.04.150. License fee exemptions

            (1)        The provisions of this Chapter requiring a fee shall not apply to any of the following:

                        (a)        Any person transacting or carrying on any business exempted from the payment of such license fees to municipal corporations by virtue of the Constitution or statutes of the United States or of the state of Utah;

                        (b)        Any person or group of persons conducting any fair, festival, bazaar, entertainment, or enterprise solely for the benefit of any eleemosynary institution where such activity is conducted for a period not to exceed one (1) week;

                        (c)        Any person or group of persons conducting any exhibition or entertainment given for the benefit of any church, school, amateur, dramatic or literary group or society, or any nonprofit organization for charitable or public purposes, where such activity is conducted for a period not to exceed one (1) week;

                        (d)        Any person under the age of sixteen (16) years who is conducting a business as a part-time occupation or hobby and who is not engaged in such business as the principal means of the person's support;

                        (e)        Any person suffering from any physical or mental disability, whether by age or otherwise, which renders them incapable of performing manual labor, but only where the City Manager has expressly authorized the license officer to waive the provisions hereof, and such waiver shall not be given for the peddling, vending, or selling of beer or liquor with the licensing or operating of a private club; and

                        (f)        Any person selling farm products, including wood, but not including dairy products, where the same are actually produced, raised, or grown by such person, provided the act of selling is not done from fixed or stationary premises such as a sale store, stand, shed, or other building.

            (2)        Any person claiming an exemption under the provisions of this Chapter shall file with the license officer a sworn statement setting forth the facts upon which this exemption is claimed.  Upon satisfactory evidence that such exemption is warranted, the license officer shall issue to such person a license authorizing conduct of the business for which application is so made without the payment of any license fee of any nature whatsoever.

            (3)        Any person claiming an exemption from the provisions of this Chapter by reason of the interstate commerce character of the business engaged in shall, before doing business in the City, file with the license officer a statement containing the following information:

                        (a)        Name and address of such party;

                        (b)        Name of the company, corporation, or principal who is being represented;

                        (c)        The name of the nearest local or state manager and the address of that place of business;

                        (d)        The kinds of goods, wares, merchandise, or other articles to be delivered or sold;

                        (e)        The method of solicitation or taking orders;

                        (f)        The place from which any goods, wares, or merchandise are to be shipped or forwarded;

                        (g)        The location of any warehouse, factory, plant, or store of such company, corporation, or principal within the state; and

                        (h)        The method of delivery of such goods, wares, or merchandise.

            Such person shall supply to the license officer two (2) prints of a recent photograph of such person, which show his facial features clearly.

            Upon a determination by the license officer that such person is exempt from the provisions of this Chapter by reason of the interstate nature of his business, such person shall pay a registration fee and shall receive from the license officer a certificate to the effect that the person is registered with the City.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 97-18, Amended, 4/17/1997
Ord. No. 08-44, Amended, 9/18/2008

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