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6.24.070. Standards for weed control

            Weeds shall be maintained at a height of not more than one foot (1') at all times, and the cuttings shall be promptly cleared and removed from the premises.

            (1)        Weeds must be eradicated by chemicals, cutting, or other acceptable methods so they do not exceed one foot (1') in height.

            (2)        Weeds that are rototilled or removed by the root must be buried under the soil, removed from the property, or composted as allowed by law.

            (3)        If the director determines that the large size of the property makes the cutting of all weeds impractical, the director may issue an order limiting the required cutting of weeds to a firebreak of not less than fifteen feet (15') (4.6 meters) in width around any structures and around the complete perimeter of the property.  In determining an exception the director will consider that the size of the property should minimally be approximately ten (10) acres; difficulties caused by the topography of the property; the surrounding property uses, zoning, and proximity of structures; and like criteria.

            (4)        Except that real property not in close proximity to buildings or not creating a serious nuisance or fire hazard may be exempted by the director upon advice and concurrence with the Fire Chief and Davis County Health Department, from the weed control requirements.  Such properties would include but not be limited to areas considered "hollows" and forest service property.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 97-12, Amended, 3/20/1997

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