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6.24.090. Notice

            (1)        If the director has inspected any premises and has found and determined that the property is in violation of these regulations or has reasonable grounds to believe that there has been a violation of any part of these regulations, the director may give notice of the violation(s) to the owner(s) or other responsible person(s) thereof.

            (2)        Prior to initiating a court complaint for the violation of these rules and regulations, the director may issue a notice pursuant to Section 6.24.090(1) and such notice shall:

                        (a)        Describe the general condition and location of the property;

                        (b)        Give a statement of the cause for its issuance;

                        (c)        Set forth an outline of the remedial action that complies with the provisions of these regulations; and

                        (d)        Set a reasonable time for the performance of any required remedial act, not less than ten (10) days from the date of service of the notice.

            (3)        Whenever notice is required to be served by this Title, said service shall be by the department.  Service shall be deemed complete if the notice is served in one of the following ways:

                        (a)        Served in person; or

                        (b)        Sent by mail to the last known address, as disclosed by the county assessor, of the owner(s), or other responsible person(s).

            (4)        Only one (1) notice need be served upon the person(s) for the entire weed growth season during any calendar year directing the cutting and removal of weeds.

            (5)        The director or inspector shall make proof of service of such notice under oath, and file the same in the office of the County Treasurer if costs of the remedial action are to be recovered through that office.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 97-12, Amended, 3/20/1997

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