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6.24.175. Permit for vehicle restoration

            (1)        An exception to Section 6.24.170 for one vehicle may be granted in any residential zone upon the following conditions:

                        (a)        The owner of the property who wishes to keep a vehicle outside of an enclosed building for the purpose of restoration must first obtain a "Vehicle Restoration Permit."  The permit shall be valid for a period not to exceed eighteen (18) months.  At the end of the permit period, the vehicle shall be fully restored, mechanically operable, and properly registered in the State of Utah, for driving on the public streets and highways.

                        (b)        The owner of the property on which the permit is applied for is actively in the process of restoring the vehicle.

                        (c)        The vehicle for which the permit has been obtained shall be parked on an approved hard surface in the side or rear yard of the parcel.

                        (d)        The vehicle shall be covered with a tarp or similar cover at all times except when actually being worked upon.

                        (e)        No parts from or for the vehicle shall be kept in any yard space except that they may be kept within the vehicle being restored.  No vehicle may be stored on the property from which parts are being stripped. 

                        (f)        If the vehicle is not completed within the eighteen (18) month period, it shall be removed from the property.

            (2)        No Vehicle Restoration Permit may be issued to any vacant parcel of land, nor to any land zoned for commercial or industrial uses.

            (3)        The cost of a Vehicle Restoration Permit shall be as shown in the most recently adopted "Layton City Consolidated Fee Schedule."

            (4)        For the purposes of this Section, "vehicle" is defined as any car, truck, motor home, travel trailer, boat, motorcycle, or other similar vehicle.

            (5)        No more than two (2) Vehicle Restoration Permits may be issued to an individual or residence per calendar year.  An application for a second vehicle shall not be submitted until the prior vehicle has been fully restored and lawfully registered.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 01-50, Enacted, 11/15/2001

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