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8.05.030. Terms of impoundment, destruction, and disposal of animals

            (1)        Animals shall be impounded for a minimum of three (3) calendar days before further disposition unless the animal is wearing a license tag or other identification, in which case it shall be held a minimum of five (5) calendar days.  Reasonable effort shall be made to notify the owner of any animal wearing a license or other identification during that time.  Notice shall be deemed given when sent to the last known address of the listed owner.  Any animal voluntarily relinquished to the Animal Shelter by the owner thereof for destruction or other disposition need not be kept for the minimum holding period before release or other disposition as herein provided.

            (2)        All animals, except those quarantined or confined by court order, or those subject to Section 4-25-4, Utah Code (as amended), which are held longer than the minimum impound period, and all animals voluntarily relinquished to the impound facility, may be destroyed or disposed of as the Animal Control Director shall direct.  Any healthy dog or cat may be sold in compliance with the Davis County Animal Control Adoption Policy after payment of all applicable fees.  Other small animals, not included as livestock, may also be sold as determined by the Animal Control Director.

            (3)        Any licensed animal impounded and having or suspected of having serious physical injury or contagious disease requiring medical attention may, at the discretion of the Animal Control Director, be released to the care of a veterinarian with or without the consent of the owner.

            (4)        When, in the judgment of the Animal Control Director, it is determined that an animal should be destroyed for humane reasons or to protect the public from imminent danger to persons or property, such animal may be destroyed without regard to any time limitation otherwise established in this ordinance, and without court order.

            (5)        The Animal Control Director or any agents thereof may destroy an animal upon request of the owner without transporting the animal to County facilities.  An appropriate fee shall be charged the owner for the destruction and any subsequent disposal of the carcass done by the Animal Control Department.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 98-12, Enacted, 2/5/1998
Ord. No. 14-19, Amended, 9/18/2014

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