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9.36.040. Scavenging prohibited

            (1)        It shall be unlawful for any person to remove, sort through, or scavenge solid waste contained in a container or receptacle.

            (2)        This Section does not apply to:

                        (a)        Law enforcement officers engaged in investigation of any crime under federal, state, or local law.

                        (b)        Properly licensed providers under a contractual or legal obligation to collect solid waste.

                        (c)        The owner or authorized user of a container or receptacle or a person receiving permission from the owner or authorized user to sort through or remove the contents of a container or receptacle.

                        (d)        State licensed private investigators acting within the reasonable parameters of an investigation, which is within the scope of the investigator's authority.

            (3)        No person, other than a designated provider, may place solid waste into a solid waste vehicle.

            (4)        This ordinance shall not be deemed to create a private property right in any solid waste set out for collection by an owner, agent thereof, or authorized user of a solid waste receptacle.

Ord. No. 05-47, Enacted 11/3/2005Ord. No. 09-05, Amended, 3/19/2009

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