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9.60.025. Hunting

            (1)        It is unlawful for any person to engage in the act of hunting or to carry an uncased firearm in the open under conditions which may reasonably be construed as hunting in the area within the corporate limits of Layton City.

            (2)        As used in this Section, "hunting" is the search for or pursuit of any wild game animal, bird, or mammal, with the purpose of capturing or killing or attempting to capture or kill the animal, regardless of whether such kill or capture is actually effected.  "Hunting" shall not be construed to mean the pursuit of such game animals through the use of snares or animal traps or when the game is to be taken by falconry.

            (3)        Nothing under this Chapter shall be construed so as to prevent the Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) from controlling, maintaining, or otherwise managing wildlife within Layton City.

                        (a)        Persons having received written authorization from DWR to participate in a special management hunt within Layton City, shall:

                                    (i)         not use any firearm while hunting;

                                    (ii)        not discharge any arrow, missile, or other projectile within six hundred feet (600') from any building, across any roadway, or in a direction which may endanger persons or property.  Any such discharge shall only be from an elevated structure, such as a hunter's tree stand, to ensure a downward trajectory of the projectile;

                                    (iii)       be responsible for any injury or damage caused while participating in the hunt;

                                    (iv)       notify the Police Department of the specific dates and times that the hunt will occur; and

                                    (v)        comply with all DWR regulations, rules, and instructions, and comply with all other statutes and ordinances.

                        (b)        Subsection (a) shall not apply to DWR officers or other peace officers acting within the course and scope of their enforcement responsibilities.

Ord. No. 10-01, Enacted, 6/3/2010
Ord. No. 13-21, Amended, 6/20/2013

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