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Safety Plan

  • Always have in mind an escape route
  • Keep money and keys ready or know where an extra set is hidden outside the home
  • Use a code word with your children to go for help
  • Stay out of the bathroom, kitchen, garage or weapons areas
  • Start a secret savings account
  • Always have change for a phone call
  • Know where you can go to be safe
  • Know where the women's shelter is
  • Change doors and window locks
  • Install security lights
  • Inform neighbors of the danger
  • Obtain a Protective Order or Civil Stalking Injunction and keep it with you
  • Report every violation of Protective Order or Civil Stalking Injunction
  • Inform your employer of the danger
  • Get a dog
  • Learn to hang up the phone and close doors on abusive persons
  • If followed, drive to the police station
  • Use different banks, stores, etc. than your abuser will be aware of
  • Have someone you can talk to about emotional needs
  • Attend a workshop or support group
  • Go to counseling
  • Know what appeals to you in the relationship so you can guard against returning to the abuse

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