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Layton City Policy

Personnel Policy Manual

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3007 - Payroll Deductions -- Automatic Deposit

Payroll Deductions

Any employee wishing to start a payroll deduction program or make a change in his/her current payroll deductions should complete the appropriate sections of the "Personnel Action Notice" (PAN), which can be obtained from the Human Resources Department, and returning it, completed and signed, to the Human Resources Division.

The payroll deductions currently available to City employees are as follows:

  • Financial Institutions – (maximum of 2 per employee)
  • United Way
  • Health/Dental/Vision Insurance
  • Layton City Utility Bills
  • ICMA-RC Deferred Compensation (457 plan)
  • ICMA Retirement Health Savings (RHS plan)
  • Utah State Retirement Deferred Compensation (457 plan)
  • Departmental Association Dues
  • Elective Supplemental Life Insurance Offered through the City
  • Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Dues
  • AFSCME Dues
  • UPEA Dues
  • Employee Fitness Room
  • Sub for Santa Service Project
  • Surf-N-Swim Family Pass

This list of available payroll deductions may change from time to time.  Additions or deletions from this list shall be approved by the City Manager.  Employees should be informed when deductions are added to or deleted from the list.

Automatic Deposit of Pay Check

Effective October 1998, newly hired regular employees are required to have their entire paycheck automatically deposited into no more than two financial institutions by completing a " Direct Payroll Deposit Authorization Agreement” available at the Human Resources Division.  

Employees hired prior to October 1998 who are not participating in direct deposit may continue in that course until such time they choose to participate in direct deposit.  Once an employee begins participation in the direct deposit program, he/she will not be permitted to revert back, except with the approval of the City Manager.

Enacted, 7/22/1993
Amended, 4/5/1995
Amended, 1/1/1996
Amended, 12/9/1993, Previous Policy,
Amended, 2/12/1996, Previous Policy,
Amended, 3/28/2001, Previous Policy,
Amended, 2Amended, 3/29/2007, Previous Policy 3007
Amended, 8/2/2007, Previous Policy 3007
Amended, 8/15/2007, Previous Policy 03/23/07

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