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Layton City Policy

Personnel Policy Manual

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3208 - Gifts

Retirement or Termination Gifts for Employees

In order to recognize retiring employees for their years of service to Layton City, the City may purchase retirement gifts for employees who retire from the City.

The City may also purchase gifts for employees who voluntarily terminate their employment with the City. The City may also give a luncheon or open house when an employee retires or leaves the City.

The decision to give these gifts will be made by the employee's supervisor, Department Director and the City Manager.

Funds for these gifts should be included in the Administration Department budget. Department Directors should inform the Administration Department during budget preparation when they anticipate someone in their department will be retiring or leaving during the upcoming year.

The following criteria should be used to estimate funding for full-time regular employees:

  1. Employees with fewer than 15 years of service should receive a gift costing approximately $10 for every year of service.
  2. Employees with between 15 and 19 years of service should receive a gift costing approximately $150.
  3. Employees with 20 to 29 years of service should receive a gift costing approximately $200.
  4. Employees with over 30 years of service should receive a gift costing approximately $250.
  5. When a Department Director, City Manager, Mayor or City Council Member retires or leaves the City, the City may give a luncheon, an open house, and/or up to $250 in cash or a gift, depending on the circumstances.
Funding for part-time regular employees should be one-half the amount estimated for full-time regular employees.

Christmas Gifts

The Mayor and City Manager shall determine each year if the City will give Christmas gifts to City employees and the amount of those gifts.

Enacted, 7/22/1993
Amended, 4/5/1995
Amended, 1/1/1996
Minor Edit, 12/18/2003
Amended, 9/27/2010, Previous Policy 3208

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