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Layton City Policy

Personnel Policy Manual

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4106 - Vehicle Backing Policy

Light Duty City Truck: Any city owned pickup truck, utility truck or one-ton truck.
Heavy Duty City Truck: Any city owned dump truck over one ton, flat bed truck, truck mounted equipment, or heavy equipment.

Parked Vehicle: An unoccupied vehicle shall be considered parked regardless of the time the operator is out of the vehicle, unless the operator is engaged in stop and go work practices such as reading water meters, delivering door hangers, etc. involving multiple stops within a very short time period.

Policy for City Trucks and Heavy Equipment
    1.   Supervisors shall ensure each city truck is equipped with a safety cone to comply with this standard.

  1. Drivers shall place a safety cone behind any city truck considered parked, unless they are parked in a parking lot and are able to leave the parking space without backing.
  1. Whenever a city truck is parked along a roadway, the safety cone shall be placed at the rear and on the street side of the vehicle.
  1. When backing a parked city truck is necessary, drivers shall walk completely around their vehicle before getting in, pick up the cone, and then look over their shoulder while backing.
  1. Drivers are encouraged to back safely into parking spaces as they arrive since they have a clear view of where they are going to park along with potential obstacles.
  1. When backing a heavy duty city truck, another employee should "spot" the driver whenever possible. Every effort should be taken to locate and utilize a "spotter". When a spotter is not available, drivers shall walk completely around their vehicle before getting in, pick up the cone, and carefully watch the area they are backing into.
  1. Operation of all vehicles shall be in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  1. Failure to follow this policy will be treated as a violation of City policy and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Policy for Backing Trailers

Employees should avoid situations requiring the backing of a vehicle with a trailer.  When backing a vehicle with a trailer is necessary, the driver should locate and utilize another employee as a "spotter".

Guidelines for Other Vehicles

When backing any parked vehicle is necessary, drivers are encouraged to walk completely around their vehicle before getting in and then look over their shoulder while backing.

All employees are encouraged to park other vehicles such that the vehicle will be driven forward from the parking space whenever possible and practical. Employees are encouraged to back vehicles into the parking space or pull forward into a double space so that when leaving the parking space, the car is driven forward.
Enacted, 7/22/1993
Amended, 4/5/1995
Minor Edit, 1/6/2004
Amended, 12/17/2014, Previous Policy 4106

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