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Q.When are the city parks open?
A.All city parks are open from 4:30am to midnight.

Q.Does the city provide trash receptacles in public parks?
A.No, the City does not provide garbage receptacles in public parks. Therefore, you are asked to take any garbage with you when you leave the park.

Q.Why are dogs not allowed in Layton City's parks?

Thank you for choosing Layton City for your outdoor recreation activities. In an effort to provide a clean, safe, and enjoyable experience for all users, please be aware of the current Layton City municipal code regarding dogs in the parks. The code reads as follows:

8.07.060. Places prohibited to animals

(a) Dogs, whether on a leash or not on a leash, shall be completely prohibited from all City owned parks, school premises during school hours and school activities, and posted picnic, pond, and play areas.
(b) Exceptions.
(i) This Subsection shall not apply to guide dogs in the company of a blind or hearing impaired person, or other certified aid dogs, or dogs in the presence of their masters for the purpose of public education programs or law enforcement exercises.
(ii) This Subsection shall not apply to the portions of the City’s trail system that are outside of the boundaries of formal, established parks. However, any person having a dog on the trail system shall have a leash on the dog and be in control thereof at all times.

Failure to comply with this city municipal code could result in a citation from Davis County Animal Control and/or Layton City Police.

Q.Where can I take my dog in Layton City?

To accommodate the many pet owners in the city, we have provided multiple outdoor places where you may take you dog. We invite and encourage you to take your dog(s) to one of our natural areas were dogs on leashes are allowed as stated in section b subsection ii. Dogs on leashes are allowed in the following areas:

Kay’s Creek Trail (East, 2.25 miles);
Adam Welker Trail Head located at 2050 E 2600 N
Country Hollow access located at 1450 E 2225 N

Kay’s Creek Trail (West, 1.5 miles);
Flint Street access located at 500 S Flint St
Angle Street access located at 825 S Angel St

Bamberger Trail (1 mile);
Gentile Street Access located on the East side of I-15 Gentile overpass.
Church Street Access located at 277 N Church St
400 West Access; located at 525 N 400 W

Bonneville Shoreline Trail (10+ miles);
Layton Ridges access located at 3100 N Layton Ridge Dr (3250 E)
Fernwood access located at 200 N Fernwood Park Rd (3350 E)
Adams Canyon access located at 450 N Eastside Dr (2950 E)

In the summer of 2010, Layton’s section of the Rail Trail will be constructed adding an additional three miles to our trails system. This will complete the Rail Trail system running the length of Davis County, connecting the neighboring cities of Clinton, Clearfield, Layton, Kaysville, and Farmington. In addition, the Rail Trail will connect to the Legacy trail system which runs through the cities of Farmington, Centerville, Woods Cross, and North Salt Lake connecting Davis County to Salt Lake County and the Jordan River Parkway Trail system.

If you have any questions, please contact Layton City Parks Department at (801) 336-3900. Thank you for your consideration and support. We hope you enjoy Layton City’s parks and open spaces as much as we enjoy providing them for you.

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