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All vehicles on the property must be licensed and operable. Any inoperable or unlicensed (when licenses and registration have been expired for a period of 4 months) vehicles must be removed from your property, or stored in a completely enclosed structure. This includes any and all vehicle parts. If vehicles are being restored, a Restoration Permit is required and can be obtained from the Police Department.
(Layton City Code 6.24.170 and 6.24.175)
All vehicles and trailers must be parked on a hard surface. (Layton City Code 19.12.030, 19.12.100, 19.12.160-4, and 10.62.030)
All weeds on property must be maintained so they do not exceed 12” in height.
(Layton City Code 6.24.070)
All solid waste, litter, and any items in disuse must be removed from your property.
(Layton City Code 6.24.070)
Trees and bushes must be cut and maintained 7’above the sidewalk and 13’6” above the street.
(Layton City Code 19.16.080d)
Any recreation vehicle, trailer, boat or similar apparatus can only be parked upon a public street for the immediate loading or unloading and never longer than a twenty-four consecutive hour period.
(Layton City Code
To display a vehicle for sale unless the property is properly zoned for such use and without first getting permission from the owner of the property
(Layton City Code 10.64.050)
Every vehicle parked upon the roadway needs to have right hand wheels parallel to and within 12 inches of the right hand curb.
(Utah Traffic Code 41-6a-1402)
To park a vehicle in any location that interferes with the delivery of essential services, such as utilities, postal services and garbage collection.
(Layton City Code
To park a vehicle over, above, on or across any sidewalk or to park in a way, which obstructs access to the sidewalk.
(Layton City Code
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