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Identity Theft

Statement of Facts

Identity Theft Reporting

Identity theft and Internet based fraud are two of the fastest growing areas of criminal enterprise in the US today. The anonymity provided by use of these two methods is very attractive to the criminal element. It is perceived by many of the criminals as a “victimless” crime and is difficult to investigate due many factors. The Layton Police Department is committed to fully investigating as many cases as possible that fall within our jurisdiction. However, due to the very nature of this crime the department is often faced with jurisdictional issues that preclude us from investigating a given case. In an effort to provide a better service to the citizens in our community who have this crime directly impact them we have put together a list of resources and links to help educate, prevent and resolve cases of identity theft and Internet fraud. Please read the following descriptions to help you determine where your individual case should be reported.

-If you have had your personal identifying information used by another person, without your consent, and to obtain goods or services then you may be the victim of identity theft.

-If this has taken place in part or wholly within Layton city limits then the Layton Police Department will have jurisdiction over the case. Please contact the police department by phone at 497-8300. You may also come to the department, which is located at 429 North Wasatch Drive. (Map To Police Department)

-If the identity theft has taken place outside of Layton City, but has occurred within the state of Utah please go to the Utah Attorney General’s site to report the theft. You may reach them by following this link:

-If you are the victim of any other type of Internet based fraud or identity theft then please visit the Internet Crime Complaint Center at This organization will get your complaint to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for action.

Preventing Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) maintains a comprehensive list of tips and strategies to help protect you from becoming a victim of identity theft. The FTC site also contains resources for you to use in the event you have your information compromised. Follow this link, to visit the FTC site.

Citizens may also choose to use one of many identity theft protection services. Many of these services contain useful features like monitoring credit history, bank accounts, and public records, as well as providing insurance to protect against financial losses incurred from identity theft. The link below provides comparisons and reviews of many of these products. The Layton Police Department has no affiliation with any of these reviews or products.

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