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  Emergency Management
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Welcome to Emergency Mangement

Layton City’s Emergency Management program is responsible for coordinating the combined efforts and resources from all levels of government and various volunteer organizations to assist and protect the citizens of Layton from the effects of disasters, both natural and manmade. Layton’s program supports the community before, during and after unusual events and major disasters by focusing on prevention, protection, response, recovery and mitigation activities.

The Assistant City Manager functions as a part-time Emergency Program Manager, and serves as the City’s liaison on emergency preparedness, response and recovery issues. Duties include:

  • Coordinate training and exercises across City departments, and assist departments with their departmental emergency plans;
  • Oversee the operation of the City's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) when necessary to manage the distribution of city services and resources to respond and recover from a disaster.
  • Work closely with the Fire Department, Police Department, Public Works and other city, county and state agencies to identify and analyze the hazards that may face the community and to develop, implement and update the City’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

The City’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) identifies hazards the City is exposed to and provides guidelines to accomplish the primary objectives of saving lives and protecting public health and property. This plan is updated regularly based on lessons learned during training, exercises and actual emergencies. Questions about the plan may be directed to the Emergency Program Manager.

Another important part of the City’s Emergency Management program is the establishment of the Layton Citizen Corps Council (LCCC) to promote community preparedness through an organizational structure dividing the City into Districts, Areas and Blocks. Volunteers serve as District and Area Coordinators, and Block Captains. The Emergency Preparedness Manager trains District Coordinators to work with citizens, faith based organizations, businesses, and other community groups to promote citizen preparedness, including Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. CERT teams in Layton are organized and coordinated under the direction of District and Area Coordinators. The LCCC also encourages citizen participation in Amateur Radio Communications, Neighborhood Watch, FireCorps and Volunteers in Police Services.

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