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  Hazards in Layton
Hazards in Layton

The first step in being prepared for disasters is knowing what to be prepared for. Identifying what hazards can occur, how often they occur, how severe the situation is likely to get and how these hazards can affect the community should be the basis for your personal and family disaster plan.

A “hazard analysis” considers all types of hazards that have occurred, or could potentially occur. Categories of hazards include natural hazards, such as storms, floods, and seismological events, and technological, or “man-made” hazards, such as an aircraft accident or failure of oil and gas pipelines. Some hazards may be the result of civil or political issues such as a neighborhood that has been the scene of rioting or large demonstrations. Cascading emergencies, or situations when one hazard triggers others in cascading fashion, should also be considered. For example, an earthquake that ruptured natural gas pipelines could result in fires and explosions that dramatically escalate the type and magnitude of events.

The following is a list some of the hazards that have occurred, or could potentially occur in Layton City. Identified hazards include both naturally occurring and “man-made” events:

Natural Hazards

  • Earthquake
  • Wildfire
  • Landslides / Debris Flow
  • Floods
  • Soil Liquefaction
  • Pandemics / Epidemics
  • Climate Hazards
    • High Winds
    • Winter Storms
    • Thunderstorms
    • Tornados

"Man-Made" Hazards

  • Dam Failure
  • Hazardous Materials Incidents
  • Fallen Aircraft
  • Power Outages
  • Civil Disturbance
  • Terrorism / Criminal Acts

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