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12.16. Excavations

12.16.010. Definitions
12.16.020. Permit required; Basis for issuance
12.16.030. Permit application requirements
12.16.031. Deferral of construction; Amelioration; Project priority
12.16.032. Temporary restoration
12.16.033. Permanent restoration
12.16.034. Annual meeting and disclosure
12.16.040. Emergency excavation
12.16.050. Permit fees
12.16.060. Permit; Contents; Duration and extensions
12.16.070. Permit; No transfer or assignment
12.16.080. Compliance with specifications, standards, traffic-control regulations; Site permittee identification
12.16.090. General requirements
12.16.100. Restoration of asphalt cuts
12.16.101. Any excavation through intersection requires dry lines
12.16.102. Laterals
12.16.110. Other highway permits
12.16.120. Inspection
12.16.130. Relocation of structures in public ways
12.16.140. Impact of excavation on existing improvements
12.16.150. Restoration of public property
12.16.160. Insurance requirements
12.16.170. Bond; When required, conditions, warranty
12.16.180. Hold harmless agreement; Limitations on City liability
12.16.190. Excavation without permit; Penalty
12.16.200. Failure to comply; Default in performance
12.16.210. Failure to conform to design standards; Penalty
12.16.220. Appeal of suspension, revocation, or stop order
12.16.230. Tampering with traffic barricades
12.16.240. Conflict with governing provisions
12.16.250. Violation; Penalty

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