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13.11. Drinking Water Source Protection

13.11.100. Title
13.11.101. Applicability
13.11.102. Authority
13.11.103. Purpose and intent
13.11.104. Definitions
13.11.105. Abrogation and greater restrictions
13.11.106. Review of the ordinance
13.11.107. Administration
13.11.200. Drinking Water Source Protection Zone Map
13.11.201. Designation of recharge areas and protection zones
13.11.202. Review of recharge area protection zone map
13.11.203. Permitted uses, conditional uses, and prohibitions within recharge areas and protection zones
13.11.301. Toxic, hazardous, and other materials handling regulations
13.11.302. Storage containers
13.11.303. Secondary containment
13.11.304. Regulated substances emergency management plan
13.11.305. Reporting of spills
13.11.306. Best management practices
13.11.307. Underground storage tanks
13.11.308. Septic tank systems
13.11.309. Sewage collection, transmission, and disposal
13.11.310. General storm water management
13.11.311. De-icing salt storage and application
13.11.312. Landfills
13.11.313. Environmental quality monitoring
13.11.400. Exclusions and exemptions
13.11.401. Exclusions
13.11.402. Continuous transit
13.11.403. Vehicular and lawn maintenance fuel and lubricant use
13.11.500. Inspections
13.11.501. Notice of violations
13.11.502. Appeals
13.11.503. Disputes
13.11.504. Liability

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