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13.12. Sanitary Sewer System

13.12.010. Permit required
13.12.020. Classification of permits
13.12.025. Connections to existing mains
13.12.030. Extension of mains
13.12.050. Responsibility for costs of installation
13.12.060. Rates and fees
13.12.070. Service discontinuance for nonpayment
13.12.080. International Plumbing Code adopted
13.12.090. Separate sewer required for each building; Exception
13.12.100. Use of old installations in new buildings
13.12.110. Construction requirements
13.12.120. Size and slope
13.12.130. Installation
13.12.140. Too low to permit gravity flow to public sewer
13.12.150. Excavations; Backfill
13.12.160. Joints to be made gastight and watertight
13.12.170. Connection to public sewer
13.12.180. Inspection, connection, and supervision required
13.12.190. Barricades and lights required for excavations
13.12.200. Privy, cesspool, or septic tank prohibited
13.12.210. Connection with toilet facilities required
13.12.220. Discharges prohibited to sanitary sewers
13.12.230. Discharge of storm water and unpolluted drainage
13.12.240. Prohibited wastes
13.12.250. Grease, oil, and sand interceptor requirements
13.12.260. Maintenance of grease, oil, and sand interceptors
13.12.270. Biochemical oxygen demand restrictions
13.12.280. Maintenance of preliminary treatment facilities
13.12.290. Manhole requirements
13.12.300. Water and waste test standards
13.12.310. Agreement for industrial waste treatment
13.12.320. Measuring device for unmetered water use
13.12.330. Wilful damage to sewage works prohibited
13.12.340. Right of entry
13.12.350. Unauthorized tampering prohibited
13.12.360. Violation declared misdemeanor
13.12.370. Adoption of Wastewater Control Ordinance; Rules and Regulations
13.12.380. Wastewater Control Ordinance; Definitions
13.12.390. Wastewater Control Ordinance; Penalties
13.12.400. Wastewater Control Ordinance; Monitoring and enforcement of ordinance
13.12.410. Wastewater Control Ordinance; Assessment of penalties against violating industrial users
13.12.420. Sanitary sewer service outside City limits
13.12.430. Sanitary sewer/storm drain cross connections

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