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13.08. Culinary Water System

13.08.020. Application for service
13.08.021. Security deposits
13.08.022. Rates and fees
13.08.023. Billing and payment
13.08.024. Disconnection for nonpayment
13.08.025. Appeal of billed amount
13.08.030. Service installation
13.08.040. Supply to persons outside City limits
13.08.050. Reserved
13.08.060. Fire hydrant use
13.08.070. Fee for hydrant use
13.08.080. Unauthorized tampering prohibited
13.08.090. Policies relating to existing mains
13.08.100. Connection fees; Existing mains
13.08.110. Extension of mains
13.08.120. New subdivisions
13.08.130. Rates fixed by Council
13.08.140. Service meters
13.08.150. Shutoff requests
13.08.160. Unauthorized operation of main line valve prohibited
13.08.170. Violation declared misdemeanor
13.08.180. City construction standards

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