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17.01. Wasatch Community T.V. Incorporated and UACC Midwest, Inc. Franchise

17.01.101. Intent
17.01.102. Short title
17.01.103. Definitions
17.01.104. Police power
17.01.105. Grant of franchise Term Other ordinances
17.01.106. Authority for use of streets
17.01.107. Conditions on street occupancy
17.01.108. Erection of poles
17.01.109. Undergrounding
17.01.110. Relocation
17.01.111. Movement of buildings
17.01.112. Required extensions of service
17.01.113. Service to public buildings
17.01.114. Removal
17.01.115. General capability
17.01.116. System upgrade/channel capacity and adaptation to new technology
17.01.117. Emergency power
17.01.118. Emergency use
17.01.119. Technical standards
17.01.120. Repair of private property
17.01.121. Educational and governmental access
17.01.122. Capital contributions
17.01.123. Support for education and governmental access
17.01.124. City's right to lowest charge
17.01.125. Availability of access to facilities Broad categories of programming Changes in programming Institutional network
17.01.126. Approval of construction by City; Inspection; Correction of defects in system
17.01.127. Transfers
17.01.128. Bonds and other surety
17.01.129. Indemnification by Grantee
17.01.130. Customer service standards
17.01.131. Grantee insurance
17.01.132. Procedure for remedying Franchise violations
17.01.133. Revenue report following termination
17.01.134. Alternative remedies Conditions of sale
17.01.135. Non-enforcement
17.01.136. Communications with regulatory agencies
17.01.137. Rates
17.01.138. Franchise Fee
17.01.139. Amount and payment of Franchise Fee
17.01.140. Interest of delinquent Franchise Fees
17.01.141. Accounting standards
17.01.142. Auditing and financial records
17.01.143. Amendments
17.01.144. Publication costs
17.01.145. No waiver or estoppel
17.01.146. Severability
17.01.147. Fee article non-severable Renewal of Franchise
17.01.148. Termination of Franchise
17.01.149. Notice
17.01.150. Entire agreement

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