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19.12. Off Street Parking

19.12.010. Application of Chapter
19.12.020. Off-street parking required
19.12.030. Use of front yard for parking prohibited
19.12.040. Parking space for all residential dwelling units
19.12.050. Parking space for commercial, industrial, and institutional uses
19.12.060. Computation of parking requirements
19.12.070. Location of parking facilities
19.12.080. Maintenance of parking facilities
19.12.090. Size of parking spaces
19.12.100. Parking lot improvement requirements
19.12.110. Loading space requirements
19.12.120. Loading space berth requirements
19.12.130. Loading space location
19.12.140. Loading space maintenance
19.12.150. Authorization for parking space reduction or combination
19.12.160. Access to residential property including four (4) or less dwellings
19.12.170. Access to all other uses
19.12.180. Permits and certificates of occupancy

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