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4.01. City Records Access and Management

4.01.101. Short title
4.01.102. Legislative intent
4.01.103. Definitions
4.01.104. Records of security measures
4.01.105. Confidentiality agreements
4.01.106. Disclosure of records subject to federal law
4.01.201. Access to records; Obtaining copies of records
4.01.202. Access to private, controlled, and protected documents
4.01.203. Fees
4.01.204. Request; Time limit for response and extraordinary circumstance
4.01.205. Denials
4.01.206. Sharing records
4.01.207. Subpoenas
4.01.301. Records that must be disclosed
4.01.302. Private records
4.01.303. Private information concerning certain government employees
4.01.304. Controlled records
4.01.305. Protected records
4.01.306. Procedure to determine classification
4.01.307. Duty to evaluate records and make designations and classifications
4.01.308. Segregation of records
4.01.309. Business confidentiality claims
4.01.401. Appeal to the City Manager
4.01.402. Initial appeal of a denial
4.01.403. Record Appeals Board
4.01.404. Appeals to the Record Appeals Board
4.01.405. Judicial review
4.01.406. Confidential treatment of records for which no exemption applies
4.01.601. Rights of individuals on whom data is maintained
4.01.602. Reserved
4.01.603. Requests to amend a record; Appeals
4.01.701. Retention
4.01.702. Reserved
4.01.703. Reserved
4.01.704. Reserved
4.01.705. Management of records
4.01.801. Criminal penalties

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