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8.04. Nuisance Animals

8.04.010. Nuisance animals
8.04.020. Abatement of public nuisance animals
8.04.030. Control and fencing
8.04.040. Female dogs in heat
8.04.050. Possession of a potentially dangerous animal
8.04.060. Possession of dangerous animals
8.04.070. Failure to properly confine potentially dangerous animal
8.04.080. Animals at large prohibited
8.04.090. Allowing domestic fowls to trespass prohibited
8.04.100. Staking animals improperly on unenclosed premises
8.04.110. Animal waste
8.04.120. Wild animals prohibited
8.04.130. Dogs attacking domestic animals, service animals, hoofed protected wildlife, or domestic fowls
8.04.140. Repealed
8.04.150. Repealed
8.04.160. Repealed
8.04.170. Repealed
8.04.180. Repealed
8.04.190. Repealed
8.04.200. Repealed
8.04.210. Repealed
8.04.220. Repealed
8.04.230. Repealed
8.04.240. Repealed
8.04.250. Repealed

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