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Published on October 26, 2013 - This is an archived news article. Please note that the information within this article may not be current.

Layton Capital Improvement Plan highlights

Layton has approved its budget for the fiscal year 2013-2014.
As part of the budget, the Capital Improvement Plan includes more than $6.8 million worth of projects.
Highlights of the Capital Improvement Plan include:
-New traffic signal at Fairfield Road and Cherry Lane, $110,000.
-Refurbish fire department engine No. 1, $150,000.
-Sidewalk repair/replacement at various locations, $236,000.
-Resurface the roads in Ellison Park, $100,000.
-Extend Layton Parkway, Angel Street to 1700 West, $220,000,
-Improve East Gentile Street, 700 North to 1000 North, $60,000.
-Purchase a new asphalt paver, $165,000.
-Re-plaster the city’s small swimming pool, $110,000.
-Sanitary sewer work, Sugar Street, 2500 East and Heritage Street, $60,000.
-Waterline work, Cherry Lane, Oakridge to Valley View, $280,000.
-Various water line repairs, $300,000.
-Chapel Hills storm drain and detention pond, $100,000.
-Detention Pond, Boynton Road, 75 East, $320,000.
-Replace street sweeper, $255,000.
-Storm sewer improvements, Pinewood Drive, 2500 East to 2800 East, $300,000.
-Storm sewer improvements, Quail Point, Hillsboro, Snow Creek and 3250 East, $175,000.
-Storm sewer improvements, East Gentile Street, 700 North to 1000 North, $50,000.
-Storm sewer improvements, Gordon Avenue and 2000 East, $70,000.
-One-ton aerial lift truck for street lighting work, $118,500.
-Street lighting improvements on Wasatch Drive, $140,000.

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