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Tips to reduce pollution and promote cleaner air

Article Published 01/03/2018
Winter temperature inversions stagnant the air and allow pollution to build up along the Wasatch Front.
Here are some things the public can do to help keep the air cleaner year-round, according to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality:
-Be idle free, if your vehicle is stopped for more than 30 seconds.
-Do not remote start, or pre-start your vehicle and allow it to idle -- unattended in the driveway, to avoid cleaning the frost off the windows and starting out in a cold car.
-Carpool with workers or friends.
-Take UTA once a week, to help reduce traffic and pollution.
-Lower your thermostat by two degrees, to reduce harmful emissions.
-Drive less by planning ahead and consolidating trips.
-Purchase energy efficient appliances.
-For more tips and information, go to: