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No Snow = No Water

Article Published 02/15/2018

As many know, we have had very little snow this year. No Snow = No Water. The good news is that we had good runoff last year and the large reservoirs were higher than normal. It’s still unknown if we’ll completely fill them this year due to the dismal snowpack (51% as of Feb. 12). With that said, this year we continue to encourage efficient use of the water and conserve where possible. Please adjust your watering based on the weather. Please strive to only water your yard based on its ‘need’. The State website ( states “the typical Utah household will use twice as much water outside as necessary.” We encourage all users to reference the State website for their weekly watering guide.

We require meters on all new secondary water services and have begun to retrofit existing services with meters. We are sending water use reports to those with meters in an effort to better educate the end user and better manage our limited water resources. Please contact us ( and provide an email address so the report can be sent to you monthly.

Thank you in advance for your water conservation efforts this water season, we want to continue the state ethic of efficiently using water in a wise manner. Check our website,, for further updates or restrictions. Remember to ensure your system is secure and ready for service by April 1st prior to us pressurizing the system.

Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company