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Deleterious Object: Anything injurious, or with the reasonable potential to become injurious to the health, safety or welfare of any persons.

Junk: Any scrap, waste, reclaimable material or debris whether or not stored or used in conjunction with dismantling, processing, salvage, storage, disposal or other use or disposition. Junk includes but is not limited to, tires, furniture, tools paper, rags, plastics, cordage, scrap iron or other metal, glass, building materials, machinery and appliances or parts thereof, brush, wood and lumber, solid waste, and vehicles and parts thereof.

Storage, Outdoor: The keeping of any personal property, equipment, materials, products, junk, trash, or building materials that is not entirely contained within a structure that is completely enclosed by walls and a roof.

Solid Waste: Garbage, refuse, rubbish, hazardous waste, dead animals, sludge, liquid or semi-liquid waste, and other spent, useless or worthless or discarded materials.

Weeds: Vegetation that has become a fire hazard, vegetation that is noxious, a nuisance or dangerous. Grasses, stubble, brush, tumbleweeds, clippings and cuttings that endanger the public health and safety by creating a fire hazard; insect, rodent or other vermin harborage, or other nuisance. Poison ivy and plants specified as weeds in the Utah Noxious Weed Act.

Top 10 Violations

All vehicles on the property must be licensed and operable. Any inoperable or unlicensed (when licenses and registration have been expired for a period of 4 months) vehicles must be removed from your property, or stored in a completely enclosed structure. This includes any and all vehicle parts. If vehicles are being restored, a Restoration Permit is required and can be obtained from the Police Department.
Layton City Code 6.24.170 and 6.24.175

All vehicles and trailers must be parked on a hard surface. (Layton City Code 19.12.030, 19.12.100, and 10.62.030)

All weeds on property must be maintained so they do not exceed 12” in height.
(Layton City Code 6.24.070)

All solid waste, litter, and any items in disuse must be removed from your property.
(Layton City Code 6.24.070)

Trees and bushes must be cut and maintained 7’above the sidewalk and 13’6” above the street.
(Layton City Code 19.16.080d)

Any recreation vehicle, trailer, boat or similar apparatus can only be parked upon a public street for the immediate loading or unloading and never longer than a twenty-four consecutive hour period.
(Layton City Code

To display a vehicle for sale unless the property is properly zoned for such use and without first getting permission from the owner of the property
(Layton City Code 10.64.050)

Every vehicle parked upon the roadway needs to have right hand wheels parallel to and within 12 inches of the right hand curb.
(Utah Traffic Code 41-6a-1402)

To park a vehicle in any location that interferes with the delivery of essential services, such as utilities, postal services and garbage collection.
(Layton City Code

To park a vehicle over, above, on or across any sidewalk or to park in a way, which obstructs access to the sidewalk.
(Layton City Code

Compliance Procedure

14 Day Courtesy Notice of Ordinance Violation

A 14-day notice is a form advising residents there may be a violation on the property. The notice indicates, which ordinance(s) has been violated. The notice is not a citation . The notice simply states what action needs to be taken by property owner to come into compliance. If a resident receives a notice the resident will have 14 days to get the property into compliance. A reasonable extension can be made on an individual basis. After the 14 day grace period, an officer will re-inspect the property. If the property is still in violation, or other violations are found, a Notice of Ordinance Violation will be prepared.

Notice of Ordinance Violation

The notice of ordinance violation is issued after the 14-day courtesy notice. This is done upon an officer re-inspecting the property after the 14-day courtesy notice. If the property is still not in compliance, the Police Department will refer the responsible person(s) to the City Attorney’s office for the filing of criminal charges. Person(s) will be notified if charges are approved.

Abatement (to put an end to any condition)

When a property owner fails to clean his/her property within the allotted time, a judge can issue an order for the City to remove all or some of the violations on the property. All the costs associated with this will be billed to the property owner. This will also be subject to an administrative fee.

Repeat Offenders

The Department has the authority to forego the 14 Day Courtesy Notice. This may happen when a resident has received a notice within the past 12 months and similar violations are observed on the property within that time period. In a case such as this, the Department will document the
violation(s) and immediately file charges with the City Attorney’s Office. The resident will be notified by mail if charges are approved.

Restoration Permit

Restoration permits can be obtained through the City. This permit allows residents to have one inoperable or unregistered (where registration is expired more than 120 days) vehicle on their property. The permit is good for 18 months as long as the resident complies with the following:

  • The vehicle must be parked on a hard surface at all times.
  • The vehicle must be covered with an approved tarp or similar cover, except when the owner is actively working on the vehicle.
  • No parts from the vehicle may be stored outdoors on the property.
  • The owner of the vehicle must be actively working to bring the vehicle into compliance with City ordinances.
  • The vehicle’s tires must remain inflated and machining parts, body sanding, or body painting are not allowed at the residence.
  • Vehicle Restoration Permits will not be issued to any vacant parcel of land, any land zoned for commercial or industrial use, or for any vehicle being stripped for parts for other vehicles.
  • Permits can be obtained through the Records Division, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM To 5:00 PM, excluding legal holidays. Records Division telephone number is 336-3530.
At the end of the 18 months, the vehicle must be completely restored, operable, and properly registered or be removed from the property. Failure to do so could result in criminal action against the applicant.

To be eligible for a restoration permit the applicant must be the owner of the vehicle and the owner of the property where the vehicle will be stored. To view a permit sample click here.


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