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Sex Offender Information

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Under the initiative of Police Chief Terry Keefe, Layton Police Department began conducting field checks of registered sex offenders in 2007. At that time, detectives would conduct these checks, report their findings to the Department of Corrections, and file applicable criminal charges against offenders who were not complying with registration requirements.

Prior to funding obtained by the Department of Corrections, only a small group of police agencies were performing this critical task. These verification checks ensured mandatory information listed on the Utah State Sex Offender Registry site was current and accurate. These checks also provided investigators a face-to-face contact with a previously convicted offender residing in the City, which enhanced overall public safety.

In 2009, The Utah Department of Corrections was awarded a Department of Justice grant to enforce sex offender compliance under Utah registration requirements of the Sex and Kidnap Offender Registry law. In conjunction with this grant, participating law enforcement agencies throughout Utah formed Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (S.A.F.E.) teams in order to perform individual and address verifications and locate non-compliant offenders. The grant funding ended in 2011, but the Layton Police Department has remained vigilant in conducting verification checks and enforcing sex offender registration requirements.

Through the direction of Chief Keefe, Layton Patrol Officers were also trained to conduct verification checks and began this process in 2013. Sex offenders are required to register their information in person with Layton Detectives twice per year at the Layton Police Department. Offenders must also meet with detectives any time there is a change in their registration information. During the months in between the registration appointments at the Department, patrol officers conduct verification checks at the offenders’ homes to ensure their registration information is accurate. Any violations can be enforced by the patrol officers or forwarded to detectives for further follow up.

With this process in place, each offender’s information should be verified at least four times per year, with two of those verification checks taking place at the offender’s residence to ensure the accuracy of the information. The Layton City Police Department maintains a professional and respectful relationship with sex offenders who live in our City. Chief Keefe would like to reassure our citizens that we will remain committed to conducting verification checks and enforcing sex offender registration requirements.

For information on offenders that live within Layton City, please visit the Utah Department of Corrections website.

Sex Offender Information

If you are a registered offender living within the corporate limits of Layton City you are required to update your information with your local jurisdiction. In order to update your information at the Layton Police Department you must schedule an appointment. Walk-ins will be turned away. As of July 1, 2010, Layton City will be charging a $25 supervision fee annually which will be assessed during the month of your birth.

Contact the Investigation's Secretary to schedule an appointment for registration updates or for additional information:

Investigation's Secretary (801) 336-3526

If you would prefer to contact us through e-mail, send a message to:

As a registered offender there are several Utah Codes that pertain to your registration requirement and restrictions. The following are summaries of a few of those Utah Codes:

New Registerable Offenses (convictions on or after 5/10/2011)

76-5-310 Aggravated Human Trafficking
76-5-111 Sexual Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult
76-5-412 Custodial Sexual Relations (if person in custody was younger than 18 years of age)
76-5b-201 Sexual Exploitation of a Minor (this offense has been recoded from 76-5a-3, and changes have been made to the elements of the offense itself)

Change in Registration Length:

Aggravated Exploitation of Prostitution now carries a LIFETIME registration requirement (convictions on or after 5/10/2011).

Definition of "Jurisdiction" has expanded to include CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND.

This change makes convictions from those countries registerable (similar to convictions from another state). Offenders with a current registration requirement or a "substantially similar" conviction from one of those countries now must also register in Utah.

77-27-21.8. Sex offender in presence of a child -- Definitions -- Penalties.

77-41-105. Offender Registration Responsibilities.

77-41-107. Penalties.

77-41-111. Fees.

To read Title 77 Chapter 41 in its entirety, click here here.

For questions about the sex offender registry, please contact the Utah Department of Correction, Sex Offender Registry Unit, at 801-495-7700.


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