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Notice of Candidates for 2023 Layton Municipal Primary Election

COUNCIL - Three (3) City Council Seats Four-Year Term

2023 Layton Municipal Primary Election

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that Layton City will hold a Municipal Primary Election on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, to nominate three City Council candidates for the Municipal General Election scheduled for Tuesday, November 21, 2023 to determine three (3) City Council positions. The election will be conducted primarily by-mail with a vote center at the Davis Conference Center on Election Day.

Following is the list of names of candidates who filed for candidacy in the 2023 Layton City Municipal Primary Election, in ballot order.

  1. Clint Morris
  2. Dave Thomas
  3. Mike Kolendrianos
  4. Drew Chamberlain
  5. Elicia Clegg
  6. Juan Valladares
  7. Zach Bloxam
  8. Teresa Stokes

In order to vote in this municipal election, a voter must be registered within the municipality. Additional information on registration can be obtained by contacting the Davis County Clerk’s Office at (801) 451-3325 or by visiting

For further information on the municipal election, please contact the City Recorder’s Office at (801) 336-3810.

Dated this 8th day of June, 2023.

/s/Kimberly S Read, MMC
City Recorder


June 8, 2023

I, Brian McKenzie, Davis County Clerk, in coordination with the City Recorders and District Clerks of Davis County, hereby give notice that upon the expiration of the period for filing a declaration of candidacy for the 2023 Election, the following individuals have declared candidacy and will appear on the ballot.

Offices and Names
Office Name
Bountiful City CouncilMATT MURRI
Bountiful City CouncilRICHARD HIGGINSON
Bountiful City CouncilCHASE HATHAWAY
Bountiful City CouncilJAMES D. HARWELL
Bountiful City CouncilBOB LINDSAY
Bountiful City CouncilKATE BRADSHAW
Bountiful City CouncilMILLIE SEGURA BAHR
Bountiful City CouncilHARRISON SMITH
Centerville City CouncilBRIAN M. PLUMMER
Centerville City CouncilROBYN THOMPSON MECHAM
Centerville City CouncilHEATHER TAYLOR
Centerville City CouncilCHEYLYNN HAYMAN
Centerville City CouncilWILLIAM B (BILL) INCE
Centerville City CouncilADAM ALBA
Clearfield City CouncilNIKE K PETERSON
Clearfield City CouncilKATIE NICHOLSON
Clearfield City CouncilCHRIS J. UCCARDI
Clearfield City CouncilDAKOTA WURTH
Clearfield City CouncilMEGAN RATCHFORD
Clearfield City CouncilROYAL BATEMAN
Clinton City CouncilANTHONY O. (TONY) THOMPSON
Clinton City CouncilAUSTIN GRAY
Clinton City CouncilSPENCER ARAVE
Clinton City CouncilDANE SEARLE
Clinton City CouncilJ.STARK
Farmington City CouncilBRAD ELAND
Farmington City CouncilSCOTT ISAACSON
Farmington City CouncilREBECCA WAYMENT
Farmington City CouncilROGER CHILD
Farmington City CouncilRACHEL STUKER
Farmington City CouncilAMY SHUMWAY
Farmington City CouncilLAVERNE SCHRAEDEL
Fruit Heights City CouncilEILEEN S. MOSS
Fruit Heights City CouncilMARK G COTTRELL
Fruit Heights City CouncilGARY ANDERSON
Fruit Heights City CouncilR. SHON STEVENSON
Kaysville City CouncilTIM ALLEN HODGES
Kaysville City CouncilDON COLEMAN
Kaysville City CouncilJOHN SWAN ADAMS
Kaysville City CouncilMIKE BLACKHAM
Kaysville City CouncilNATE JACKSON
Layton City CouncilCLINT MORRIS
Layton City CouncilDAVE THOMAS
Layton City CouncilELICIA CLEGG
Layton City CouncilJUAN VALLADARES
Layton City CouncilZACH BLOXHAM
Layton City CouncilTERESA STOKES
North Salt Lake City CouncilTED M. KNOWLTON
North Salt Lake City CouncilCOLLIN LARSON
North Salt Lake City CouncilGARY STEVEN WIDDERS
North Salt Lake City CouncilPETER WIRTHLIN
North Salt Lake City CouncilTERRY R. RASCH JR.
North Salt Lake City CouncilSHAUN FERNELIUS
North Salt Lake City CouncilTAMMY CLAYTON
North Salt Lake City CouncilLESLIE CLARK
North Salt Lake City CouncilBRUNO BARRON
North Salt Lake City CouncilSUZETTE JACKSON
South Weber City CouncilJEREMY DAVIS
South Weber City CouncilBLAIR T. HALVERSON
South Weber City CouncilWAYNE WINSOR
Sunset City CouncilNAKISHA J RIGLEY
Sunset City CouncilRICKY D CARLSON
Syracuse City CouncilDRAKE MAILES
Syracuse City CouncilPAUL WATSON
Syracuse City CouncilJULIE ROBERTSON
Syracuse City CouncilBRETT D. CRAGUN
West Bountiful City CouncilJENN NIELSEN
West Bountiful City CouncilRICHMOND S. THORNLEY
West Bountiful City CouncilRODNEY J. WOOD
West Bountiful City CouncilJAMES L. AHLSTROM
West Bountiful City CouncilDELL BUTTERFIELD
West Point City CouncilTRENT W. YARBROUGH
West Point City CouncilMELISSA OLSEN
West Point City CouncilSCOTT WOLFORD
West Point City CouncilKELLY R. ROSS
West Point City CouncilJERRY G. CHATTERTON
West Point City CouncilJOELLE CARUSO
West Point City CouncilJEREMY STRONG
West Point City CouncilANNETTE JUDD
Woods Cross City CouncilMATTHEW B TERRY
Woods Cross City CouncilWALLACE O LARRABEE
Woods Cross City CouncilMUSKAN WALIA
Woods Cross City CouncilJULIE CHECKETTS
Woods Cross City CouncilPATRICK A. ARON
Woods Cross City CouncilSTEVEN E BIGELOW
Woods Cross City CouncilERIC ALAN JONES
Benchland Water District TrusteePAUL J HIRST
Benchland Water District TrusteePHIL LEONARD
Benchland Water District TrusteeRALPH L. REEVES
Benchland Water District TrusteeBRADLEY BORNEMEIER
Benchland Water District TrusteeKENNETH SPENCER
Central Davis Sewer District TrusteeCAROL PAGE
Central Davis Sewer District TrusteeROMELIO ORTIZ
Central Davis Sewer District TrusteeSTEVEN BROUGH
Hooper Water Improvement District TrusteeMARVIN L. ZAUGG
Mutton Hollow Improvement District TrusteeMARILEE MASON
Mutton Hollow Improvement District TrusteeCLIFFORD HOKANSON
Mutton Hollow Improvement District TrusteeJUSTIN LONG
North Davis Sewer District TrusteeLANCE STANLEY HAMBLIN
South Davis Water District TrusteeELAINE OAKS
South Davis Water District TrusteeMELVIN JERRY HAWLEY
South Davis Water District TrusteeGREG E FRAZIER
South Weber Water Improvement District Board MemberJEFF MONROE
South Weber Water Improvement District Board MemberCINDI MANSELL
South Weber Water Improvement District Board MemberDARREN E. HESS